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 About Karl Novak

Karl Novak

Karl Novak, originally from Roswell, NM, started taking photos with his father's Argus split focus camera when he was around 4 years old. He's taken photos all over the world during his travels, but the photos you see here on his site are all from the last two years in which time he got the "bug".

The first picture to start the ball rolling was a Continental B-737 landing over the beach in St. Maarten (SXM), more affectionately known as 3002 (the number of the photo, which was taken by a Sony DSC-F88, 5.0 megapixel, now cataloged photo ). So many pilots, flight attendants and employees wanted a copy of that photo, that it sparked an interest to take more of those types of photos.

Currently, his most popular photos are a Continental B-757 landing in SXM, and a head/feet shot of a flamingo in Aruba (AUA). Every now and then a good photo op rears its head, the most recent being the snow storm in Newark (EWR), NJ, and a great shot of a B-737 in the heavy snow showed up.

Karl has had some of his best photos sell for upwards of $1000 and his photos have even been published in a few magazines.

Karl always has his cameras ready and coupled with the fact that he's a pilot with Continental Airlines, makes opportunities for great shots more available. He does his own printing on quality paper and prides himself on the fact the NO trick photography/special lenses are used in his photos other than sharpening an image, clarifying it to get rid of haze, or cloning out a cigarette butt/trash, there are no enhancements made to the photos. 90% of the photos on this site are taken with a Nikon 8800 Coolpix, 8.0 megapixel.

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